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Jurisdictional Immunity before the Italian Constitutional Court – A New Episode.

The ruling of the International Court of Justice in 2012 about State immunity against claims arising from war crimes has been an historical sentence. In Italy it was received with a mix of disapproval and resignation. Some scholars believed that the ICJ was breaking off a possible evolution of the international law, while others admitted that the Italian court had bitten off more than it was able to chew. Yesterday, a new verdict by the Italian Constitutional Court has opened the case again and it will probably cause reactions from Germany and maybe a new ruling by the ICJ.

I am writing this post not to comment the case but to briefly explain the matter and translate in English the new Italian sentence and some of the early reactions to it.

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Hello World!

The WordPress default title seems appropriate for the first post of this blog. My intention is, indeed, to create a webpage of comments, research and maybe discussions on what happens in the world: from wars to elections, from economics to human rights.

First of all, I have to introduce myself: I am a 26 years old graduate in International Relations and a wannabe diplomat. I graduated in 2013 at the University of Pavia and I have recently obtained a Master at the Institute for International Politics Studies (ISPI) of Milan. The last course prepares for the Italian Foreign Ministry open competitive exam (a thing somewhat difficult to explain to foreigners), which I did this summer and, sadly failed it. But I will try it again next year and in the meanwhile I will write this blog.

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